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Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge software by minimizing the complexity of our products and ensure, that our users requirements always are met.

Mobile Apps

  • All platforms
  • Second Screen
  • Augmented Reality

Enterprise Application Software

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • CMS
  • BI
  • SCM

Video Apps

  • Video Player (all platforms)
  • Web, Smart Tv, STB
  • Widevine
  • PlayReady
  • Chromecast

Our Latest Work

Our greatest strength is our problem solving skills because of our high competence within the technical, conceptual and implementation areas. We work and maintain all the platforms: browsers, mobile, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Smart TV, Chromecast.

Work 1

Supporting: browsers, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

We develop each type of VOD with all the features required by a client and our software also supports payments for services. We believe that in the era of digitalization of audio-visual signal, Internet´s speed growth as well as increase in capacity and operational speed of storage devices, VOD (Video on Demand) services will prosper. Another solution to bear in mind is nVOD (near VOD), also known as Pay-Per-View, i.e. paid access to quality content.

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  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/video_app_bradmax/Bradmax-D.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/video_app_bradmax/Bradmax-player-TV.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/video_app_bradmax/Bradmax-playerA.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/video_app_bradmax/Bradmax-playerE.jpg
Work 3

Bradmax – available for all Internet browsers

This video platform grants all the market requirements and assures a high standard functionality for online distribution. Configurable player, advertising service, API, customized panel and several other functionalities guarantees the highest quality. Bradmax delivers a high amount of statistics which on request of the client can be predefined and developed individually and is aimed for the owners of the video content, who appreciates quality and safety. Bradmax makes it possible for the distributors to deliver and to earn on online video content.

  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/bradmax_platform/start.jpg
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  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/bradmax_platform/1920-1280-brad-12.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/bradmax_platform/Bradmax2.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/bradmax_platform/Bradmax11.jpg
Work 5

Supporting: browsers, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

OnPlace3D is a business tool designed for the entertainment industry such as: cinemas, theatres, stadiums etc. OnPlace3D enables the real-time evaluation process of seat selection, without leaving your home. Virtual reality makes it possible to “enter” e.g. a cinema hall to check the spatial perspective of a selected place. We are able to prepare individual, dedicated solutions, customized to the needs of our clients – from cameral studio cinemas to stadiums capable of holding up to tens of thousands of spectators.

  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/onplace3d/oneplace_2_1.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/onplace3d/oneplace_2_2.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/onplace3d/oneplace_2_3.jpg
Work 7

Available on: iOS, Android

Phibi is a mobile application that serves as the perfect tool for controlling and maintaining your personal budget. All information is stored in the cloud which makes it easier and more convenient to use one single account for all types of devices. The application has several functions which allow you to create precise and accurate financial plans. It is very intuitive and easy to use and thanks to this each user can utilize the potential of this application to the fullest.

  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/phibi/1920-1280-phibi-A.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/phibi/1920-1280-phibi-B.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/phibi/1920-1280-phibi-C.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/phibi/1920-1280-phibi-D.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/phibi/1920-1280-phibi-E.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/phibi/1920-1280-phibi-F.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/phibi/1920-1280-phibi-G.jpg
phibi App
Work 2

Supporting: browsers, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

We design and develop customized players for our clients by individual requests. We offer a native solution for TVs, mobile phones and tablets as well as live transmission support. All basic functions such as interchangeable skins, statistics or ads management are also provided. Our products guarantee DRM support. Our long experience in this field shows that the transfer of TV to the digital world is just a question of time and is also happening right now. There are endless possibilities, true to our motto: “Impossible? Of course not!”

  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/player/1920-1280-B.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/player/1920-1280-E.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/player/1920-1280-F.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/player/1920-1280-G.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/player/1920-1280-H.jpg
Video player
Work 4

We support all the platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Smart TV, and Chromecast

As smartphones and tablets have become a natural everyday device, new functions emerge due to the endless possibilities they offer. One of them is Second screen, having a high probability of replacing a traditional remote control in the future. Second screen allows controlling of a TV set without a remote control; increase use of content, channel management, recording and individual user set up. Our solutions are customized to our clients’ needs at their individual request.

  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/secondscreen/secondscreen1.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/secondscreen/secondscreen2.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/secondscreen/secondscreen3.jpg
Second screen
Work 6
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/websites/strona_01.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/websites/strona_02.jpg
  • bs-assets/uploads/portfolio/websites/strona_03.jpg

Our Clients

In our work we are guided by trust, precise communication and the highest simplicity of products, which translates into efficiency and usability, truth to the rule that “less is more”.


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