Video Player & Analytics


A solution dedicated to the sector of the video industry. Allowing playback and analysis of any type of video material. The use of Bradmax technology allows you to play, without additional plug-ins, all the most popular video formats, along with the mutual translation between them.

This solution also gives you the opportunity to earn extra income by servicing ads, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the materials being played. Available in all formats formats: vast, vpaid, vmap and Google IMA.

Bradmax technology is created to implement solutions for Video Streaming platforms, including VOD, OTT, eLearning etc.

The code is written in HTML5, so it is completely responsive, which gives the opportunity to receive the broadcasted material in all its glory on all available devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV or ordinary web browser.

In addition, there is the possibility of full "customization", that is tailor- made player. Starting from setting your own skins, by adding your own logos, ending with the possibility of displaying subtitles or applying other, more tailored modifications that you need to meet the requirements of users.

Above it was also created a data analysis tool - Bradmax Analytics. This module can be used separately or together with the previously mentioned Bradmax Player tool. It allows you to analyze the reproduced video in terms of the analysis of the general viewers (Audience), the entire content and the most viewed (Top Content), engagement rate analysis, geolocation, devices on which the material was viewed and statistics in real time (Real-Time stats).

  • Project duration
  • 2016 until now
  • Project cost
  • over $500.000