Mobile App


Solution description: is a mobile application that serves as a great tool to control and maintain your personal budget. All information is stored in the cloud, making it easier and more convenient to use one account for all types of devices. The application has several functions that allow you to create precise and accurate plans

  • Currently, Phibi offers, among others:

  • -defining expenditure templates and fixed income, 
    -repetitive with any, the frequency you specify
    -entering expenditure / income on any date (future and past)
    -configurable start screen
    -90 category icons and 20 colors to choose from
     (1800 possible combinations - for sure you will find one that will please your eye)
    -expenses / income can be assigned to the selected "budget person"
    -use filters, analyzing statistics - enable or disable specific expenses,
     categories, or people in the budget
    -spending limits for the whole budget or selected categories
    -setting goals to better plan savings
    -access to data from multiple devices (cloud)
    -PIN protection
    -numerous view personalization options

  • Project implementation time
  • 2015
  • Project cost
  • $100.000