Gym Management Platform & Mobile App


Universal gym management system - an intuitive and functional interface with easy handling of passes. Virtual graphics with the option of signing up for classes, making reservations and monitoring activity. The system allows you to increase the scope and effectiveness of your activities and manage your company more effectively.

The application is available in the Web and Mobile versions (iOS and Android) and consists of 3 modules dedicated in sequence:

Trainers giving access to the creator of their own coaching profile, managing the calendar of activities (personal) and sending SMS with set notifications.

Sports Facilities, giving access to a comprehensive sports facility management system. The system includes individual modules such as class calendar, online and offline store (stationary store), information on< inventory at the store, card sales and Pay-Per-Entry (giving the opportunity to purchase a single entrance to the sports facility using a plugged in payment card, without having a permanent ticket), CRM, marketing tools system (eg SMS, email), notifications, sales statistics, management of admission cards (barcodes, passes) and fiscal services (closing the cash desk, printing receipts, servicing fiscal printers ).

Athletes (regular users), giving access to the panel with scheduled activities (class calendar), search engine of the nearest sports facilities and trainers, registration for selected sports clubs with the purchase of sports passes or Pay-Per-Entry (giving the opportunity to purchase a single entry to a sports facility using a plugged-in payment card, without the need to have a permanent pass).

The CRM system has been integrated with payment modules (online and offline), support for credit cards, fiscal printers and barcode scanners.

  • Project implementation time
  • 2015
  • Project cost
  • 1 round of financing - March 2019